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Travelling to France? Are you compliant?

Travelling outside of the UK comes with its own set of requirements to be compliant with the local laws and regulations. In France, new legislation has been implemented from January 1st, 2021, which mandates that all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes must display warning stickers to indicate the position of blind spots to other road users. This law applies to vehicles from all countries, including those outside of the EU, with an authorised total weight of more than 3.5 tonnes, such as trucks, coaches, buses, vans, and private vehicles like motorhomes.

Failure to comply with this law can result in a 4th class penalty fine (€135), along with a loss of 1 to 6 points on the driving licence. The stickers must be placed in specific locations (on both sides and the rear) as mandated by the law. Even vehicles already fitted with side cameras are not exempt.


The stickers’ exact location (on both sides and the rear) is mandated by the new law.

The official signs must be 17 x 25cm and can be stickers, plates or vinyl as part of the livery. All vehicles and trailers must have signs that must be between 0.9m-1.5m above ground level fitted:

  • On the rear, on the right-hand side (French kerbside)

  • On each side (left and right) between 0m-1m of the front, excluding glass surfaces

  • On trailers, each side (left and right) between 0m-1m behind the kingpin (for semi-trailers) or the front body of other trailers.

Signs must “visible in all circumstances” and “cannot obstruct the vehicle’s regulatory plates and inscriptions, various lights/signalling devices as well as the field of vision of the driver.

For vehicles and trailers where it is technically impossible to comply with the height requirement, signs must be “as close as possible” to 0.9m-1.5m and no more than 2.1m from ground level.

On vehicles with direct vision systems at the bottom of the doors, or glass doors, the side signs must be “as close as possible” to the 0m-1m rule, and no more than 3m from the front of the vehicle.

Additionally, as of 27th September 2021, when travelling abroad, a UK sticker must be displayed clearly on the rear of the vehicle. Any GB sticker should be removed or covered.

Freight Products now supply a range of UK stickers suitable for travelling overseas.

Displaying a UK sticker is not required if the number plate has a Union Flag along with a UK identifier. Plates with just the Union Flag showing will still need a UK sticker.

However, if travelling to Spain, Cyprus, or Malta, a UK sticker is still required even if the number plate has a Union Flag and UK identifier.

By adhering to these requirements, you can ensure that you are compliant and avoid any penalties or fines while travelling abroad.

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