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Chapter 8

chevron kits

Freight Products supply a comprehensive range of Chapter 8 compliant products including Chevron Kits for all the most popular makes and models of vehicles for the Emergency Services, Highway Maintenance and Chapter 8.

The UK's leading reflective material converter

Freight Products provide a wide range of products to ensure your full compliance with the stipulations of the Traffic Signs Manual for road and street works.


Our Range of Chapter 8 products include:


  • Chevron Kits

  • Conspicuity Tape

  • Emergency Vehicle Livery

  • Battenburg Kits

  • Beacons

  • Lightbars

  • Marker Boards

  • Plus much more..


In order to ensure the maximum lifespan of your conspicuity markings (up to 10 years), we edge seal layered micro- prismatic material with an ultra-sonic weld during the cutting process.


If you have purchased a kit from FPL and your vehicle is involved in a minor collision you can choose to order only the panels of a kit

that were damaged, saving time and money during repairs and downtime.


We also supply a range of accompanying Chapter 8 compliant lighting solutions.


Contact our sales team today to see how we can help you with your Chapter 8 needs. To view our full range of Chapter 8 compliant products, view our Catalogue here


Chapter 8 Chevron Kits

We supply a wide range of Chevron Kits for all of the most popular makes and models of vehicles including Mercedes, Ford, VW, Peugeot and many more.  All of our kits are available in 3 kit variations, Full Kit, No Windows and Half Kits. These kits are available in engineering Grade and Prismatic grade materials and are provided in a Striped layup or flooded panels.

Full Kit
No Windows Kit
Half Kit

Engineering Grade Material

These kits are a combination of fluorescent yellow non- reflective material and a reflective red that primarily uses crushed glass beads for reflectivity. These kits are the most cost-effective.

Prismatic Grade Material


The red material used has a far higher reflectivity value compared to engineering grade and is known as the ‘gold standard’ by the highways and civil engineering industries covered by Chapter 8.

Edge Sealing Technology


In order to ensure the maximum lifespan of your conspicuity markings (up to 10 years), we

edge seal layered micro-prismatic material with an ultra-sonic weld during the cutting process.

Accredited and approved suppliers for: 

What is Chapter 8?


Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual was created to ensure the safety of contractors using Highways and Motorways for Road Works and Temporary works Situations by the Department For Transport & Highway Agency and is a legal requirement “High Visibility” (Chevron Livery) markings and specialist vehicle lighting are minimum requirements.


For advice and assistance on meeting the Chapter 8 specifications for both lighting and vehicle markings, simply call us to discuss your requirements or ask us to send you our free guide.


Part 2, Section 5.2 of the Chapter 8 regulations state that in addition to vehicles being a conspicuous colour (e.g. White or yellow), vehicles should be fitted with the following high visibility markings;


  • Chevron markings comprising alternate strips of red reflective and fluorescent yellow non reflective material, of not less than 150mm width each inclined at 45-60 degrees to the horizontal and pointing upwards, or;

  • A solid block of red reflective material.

  • Maintenance vehicles shall be identified by displaying to the rear, the sign HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE. MOTORWAY MAINTENANCE may be used instead when working on motorways only. They should be sized at either 70mm or 140mm dependent on the size of the vehicle.

  • Amber conspicuity tape must be used along the side of any traffic management or maintenance vehicle (see Contour & Conspicuity Tapes section in our catalogue on pages 25-29  here).

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