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Covid Safety Range

Protect your staff and customers against virus infection with protective desk and counter shields and social distancing signage.

In the light of recent events around the World and the challenges it is posing to us all; we need to think how will we return to work safely and for the long term how will we maintain social distancing?

Freight Products has been busy creating workplace solutions that are simple yet effective ways to help companies and businesses return to work whilst keeping staff and customers safe.

Counter and Desk Shields

Freight Products are now offering high-quality protective Acrylic desk & Counter shields to protect and divide people from the risks of catching coronavirus via droplets in the air. We can offer a suitable solution for all working environments. Our desk guards are 3mm thick high impact acrylic that is easy to clean and easy to assemble and disassemble.

Available in 2 sizes: 1M x 1M & 1M x 670mm

Social Distance Signage

Our range of social distancing signage are self-adhesive and have been designed specifically to help remind and guide both staff and members of the public to adhere to social distancing rules.

Choose your message

We now allow you to choose your own social distancing message. We offer up to 3 colours for your design and a message of your choice.

Say the right message in the right place!

Our social distancing signage range are available in 3 sizes:

Floor Decals - 370mm

R9-Rated Textured Anti-Slip, hi-tack self-adhesive floor decals

Window Decals - 250mm

Available in either reverse/inside facing or front/outside-facing

Mirror/Wall Decals (Now Wash Your Hands) - 150mm

Ideal for toilets and kitchens


For further information and volume discounts,

contact our sales team on:

01926 641 222



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