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 We have established a Sustainability Programme that underpins our commitment to protecting the environment.

FPLUK is dedicated towards moving forwards in regards to Sustainabilty and Environmental Management 

As a company, FPLUK are strong believers that industry must focus on being more sympathetic to our world and the resources that are available. We actively take measures to enhance our environmental friendliness and promote sustainability. Our focus includes reducing carbon emissions through reusable energy, minimising waste, and prioritising responsible sourcing. 

 We have implemented and maintained our Environmental Management System which is certified to ISO14001:2015 (UKAS certified) and underpins our dedication to minimising our impact on the environment

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As of June 2023, one third of all of our power is supplied through recently installed self-generated solar energy. The SAP group of companies has harnessed the full potential of the warehouse roofs by installing solar panels. This investment in solar power reduces our reliance on traditional power grids, thereby reducing our carbon footprint.



As of June 2023, over half of our fleet has transitioned to fully electric vehicles. We are continuously working towards replacing additional vehicles with electric alternatives in the coming months, as part of our ongoing efforts to reduce emissions and promote cleaner mobility options.


We have recently made significant updates to our office and warehouse facilities. At our Group HQ, we have installed energy-efficient LED lighting with motion-sensing technology.  Additionally, we have implemented energy-saving software on all our headquarters' computers to minimize electric wastage and optimise power usage.



We are proud to announce that two sites within the Sandhurst Autoprint Group have onsite allotments growing a variety of fruits and vegetables and also creating a delightful sanctuary for local wildlife. Additionally, these green spaces provide a tranquil environment for our staff, promoting mental well-being and offering a peaceful retreat during their workday. 



All paper that we use is EU Ecolabel (PT/011/002) which is 100% recyclable supplied from responsible sources (FSCC008924) All cardboard packaging that we use is fully recyclable and usage of packing materials is kept to an absolute minimum


Where possible we now re-use packaging from our own suppliers. This may mean as a customer you may notice a difference in appearance but be reassured it is a step towards our sustainability goals and your products and deliveries will still be securely packaged. 


Recycling within the warehouses has been in place for some time but now Recycling is encouraged within office spaces in addition to the warehouse recycling facilities. 

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