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Acrylic MOT

& document



Keep your documents safe and secure

Weather & UV damage and lost or stolen documents can lead to severe disruption to your business leaving vehicles off the road whilst awaiting costly new documentation.


To prevent this, we have improved on the standard metal versions from the past & designed and manufactured our high impact Acrylic MOT & document holders to ensure your documents are secure and safe at all times. 


High Impact Acrylic


All of our MOT & document holders are manufactured in the UK using the highest quality High Impact Acrylic that does not degrade or rust like standard metal holders.

Ultra Violet Protection


Our High impact Acrylic has been manufactured with UV stabilizers that will protect your documents from UV damage.



We have designed all of our holders to be tamperproof via secure Allen keys bolts that are not accessible whilst the holder is installed on your chassis.



The secure O-ring that is fitted to all of our MOT and document holders ensure they are resistant to water ingress that can cause damage to your documents.

Universal Fitting


All of our holders have been manufactured to fit all pre-existing fittings and can be rotated and fitted in your desired position.

Contact our sales team today for more or order online using the below link

T: 01926 641 222



Are you compliant?

As of January 1st 2021, you will be required to keep your trailer registration documents with you at all times when travelling within Europe. We have designed our ARCMOT0 to ensure your documents will be protected from weather and UV damage whilst ensuring they are secure at all times. Please follow the below link for further information regarding this.

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