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3M Conspicuity

3M™ Diamond Grade™ Conspicuity Vehicle Marking Tape Series 983 are designed for application to rigid sided vehicles for increased visibility. The 983 continuous tape provides excellent reflectivity and brightness. Guaranteed for eight years.

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Validate the authenticity of

3M™' Conspicuity Markings:


Find the codes. On the label on the beginning of

the roll, you'll see a 10-digit secure code, 6-digit

lot code, and a QR code.

Enter the codes. Either scan the QR code

with a QR code reader/scanner app or go to, then enter both codes.

A green checkmark means that the product is

genuine. A yellow or red symbol indicates that

the product may be counterfeit.

Mark the roll as validated. Let your employees

know that they have a genuine 3M product by

dating and initialing the label.

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