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You have entered a

valid 3M code


The secure code combination

you entered is a valid code

combination for 3M Conspicuity


3M recommends placing a

check mark and today's date

next to the secure code to

indicate that the secure code

has already been validated.

Please ensure that the lot

number and "use by" date

remain legible at all times.

Note: Future entries or

attempts to validate the same

secure code combination will

result in a warning that the

secure code combination has

been copied or compromised.


3M Conspicuity

Freight Products supply a range of official 3M conspicuity tapes in Red, Amber and Yellow.


3M™ Scotchlite™ Diamond Grade™ Vehicle Marking
Film Series 983 is a highly retroreflective sheeting
consists of prismatic lenses formed in a durable
transparent resin, sealed in a synthetic film and backed
with an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive with a
protective liner.

Key Features

  • Durable, microprismatic, retroreflective sheeting

  • Available in rolls of 50mm widths, homologated according to     UN/ECE Regulation 104

  • E Mark 104 R-00821

  • For applications rigid vehicles

  • Excellent angularity in both horizontal and vertical

  • Easy to apply

  • Up to 8 years exterior durability

  • Sheeting resists fuel vapours or occasional spills

  • Additional roll widths available upon request

Application and Uses

3M™ Scotchlite™ Diamond Grade™ Vehicle Marking
Film Series 983 is designed to mark the side and rear
perimeter rigid sided trucks and trailers for enhanced
visibility and detection.
Series 983 can be screen-printed for ECE70.01 rear
marker plate applications.

3M 1.jpg
3M 2.jpg

Validate the authenticity of

3M™' Conspicuity Markings:


Find the codes. On the label on the beginning of

the roll, you'll see a 10-digit secure code, 6-digit

lot code, and a QR code.

Enter the codes. Either scan the QR code

with a QR code reader/scanner app or go to, then enter both codes.

A green checkmark means that the product is

genuine. A yellow or red symbol indicates that

the product may be counterfeit.

Mark the roll as validated. Let your employees

know that they have a genuine 3M product by

dating and initialing the label.

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